Brixton BLIP, London

BLIP – Bringing Land Into Production.

BLIP, as part of Transition Town Brixton, have four active sites geared around transforming the derelict land into productive food growing community spaces. The projects are really exciting, worth a look if you get a chance.

Site ONE is off of Brixton Water Lane it consists of a strip of overgrown plots of land assigned to the tenants of Waldron House.. Working every Friday and Saturday, call Mike 07918605973, or Ariel 07530797873 to get involved


Site TWO is the gardens around the Vida Walsh centre on Windrush Square. We are using the small space available to grow veg for the kitchen there and improve the conditions for a wider range of wildlife.


Site THREE is the Oasis center in Stockwell, design work is starting, the intention is to turn part of the site into a permaculture forest garden. We work there every Saturday 11.00 til 1.00. Contact Kamlyn on 07968286081.

Get on down.

Site FOUR is part of Slade Gardens. This is an ideal area for a permaculture show area as it doesn’t have the access problems we have at BWL.

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