Community work days at Grow Heathrow

“Every Thursday you say?”

As new stadiums rise in East London to meet the old ring of the Bow Bells….at Grow Heathrow community garden in Sipson we have our own big plans for 2012!

We invite you to come to our ‘Grow Heathrow’ community work day every Thursday starting at 9.30am (or come at 9am for breakfast).

There are exciting projects popping out of the garden with building structures for the daily running of the community project, to the expansion of food-growing this year.

We will have a hot meal together at the end of each work day.

About: ‘Grow Heathrow‘ is the Winter-hub for Reclaim the Fields UK, and a member of the London-based Community Food Growers Network with a gathering in Sipson on the 26th of February 2011.

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