The Wilderness Centre is still going strong

The reopened environmental education centre that we all know and love is still open and growing stronger every day

The shoots of spring are bursting forth in the green house, our potatoes are chitting and the construction projects are progressing nicely.

We are at the moment opening our doors, minds and hearts to the locals and beyond for a public meeting,  on next Thursday the 1st from 7pm

The council are sending us letters to ask us to leave, NO LEGAL PROCEEDINGS HAVE BEGUN, NO COURT DATE, WE ARE NOT UNDER EVICTION.

Everything is going very, very well. We are preparing for the reclaim the fields gathering on the 8th and 9th which looks to be a good one.

We would love it for anyone who has ever thought of going down to check it out please does so over the next few weeks as we are getting serious about the future of this centre and now is the time to come show your support.

Something interesting from the national press about our work:

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  1. Rhys Bevan says:

    Hey there. I’d love to pop down and visit, maybe even help out a bit for a week or so if you need the help? I’m walking Offa’s Dyke towards the end of March and it goes through the forest of Dean so when I heard about this project it made sense to pop in on the way.

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