Seed Sovereignty

Calling all researchers:

We are calling out to kick start our UK Reclaim the seeds research project
around seed patents. From February 24th – 28th there is a European
gathering in Turin where different food growing collectives are gathering to create educational resources around the corporate control of seeds.

The idea is to collate information on the present situation concerning European seed legislation, as well as the different national legal contexts.

In the coming year we want to seek ways to strengthen European opposition
to restrictive seed laws and to develop practical forms of resistance that
help to ensure that seed production and exchange become an increasingly
popular practice.

We have identified a number of key areas for research and information
gathering. Any information you have relating to these areas, or indeed
others which you think are relevant please send our way.

Key areas we have identified include:

1. European seed legislation
2. UK legal context – to include both the current context and proposed
3. The consequences and effects of changing seed legislation on:

–    The ability to distribute/swap/sell/save seeds
–    The preservation of food crop diversity and seed heritage
–    Decentralised and local food production

4. The alternatives:  Existing campaigns and projects working on issues of
seed sovereignty. Projects and collectives involved in seed saving,
distribution, swaps and breeding.

The reclaim the seeds collective are planning to create creative workshops
and a zine to disseminate information, through popular educational
techniques, to community groups/projects in the UK this coming year.

For the UK contribution we have created a crabgrass site to collate our
research. If you are on crab grass please send your username to and we can invite you to the group.

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