Summer Gathering 2012

Reclaim the Fields have now confirmed that we can host a RTF gathering here: on the weekend of July 27th, 28th & 29th.

We will have a large field for camping – to large rooms for workshops as well as access to the bio dynamic farm on site.

Please note a liftshare page has now been set up at:

Intro: The Clervaux Trust is a place for troubled, disaffected and disabled
young people to reconnect with the land and society through
hand-based, experiential learning.  They get to try their hands at
pottery, blacksmithing, greenwoodwork, cooking, gardening, animal
work, woodland management, felting, weaving, building, and baking at
the Clervaux bakery in town.

All the crafts and work are based on the 100 acre farm 5 miles out of town, with 6.5 acres under fruit and veg cultivation and the rest under grass and clover – slowly refertilising the chemical battered soil.  Some of the fields are grazed by a flock of sheep and we also have chickens, pigs and goats.

All the land is worked biodynamically – which in a very small nutshell is pretty much the same as organic but extends the environment a little further into the cosmos…we can tell you more about it at the gathering!

Location: We are just outside the riverside village of Croft-on-Tees, 5 miles
south of Darlington. Darlo has fantastic train links to almost
everywhere (except south Cumbria and north Lancs). It is an easy cycle
ride from the train station to our place, and there are regular
daytime buses between Darlo and Croft. The site is also only 3 miles
from the A1 so very convenient to drive to.

Cooking: A large kitchen and dining room; All the veg you can eat (free), grown
on site (cabbage, kohlrabi, salad leaves, brocolli, cauliflower,
carrots, chard, beetroot, herbs, beans, courgettes, fennel,
raspberries, we probs won’t have potatoes yet though, and if it isn’t
too cold we will have tomatoes and cucumber); You can order bread from
the bakery;  We do a regular suma order so you could get the bulk of
food though that;  There is a  cob pizza oven (comes with master pizza
chef Roberto!)

Compost toilets & shower: 5 sitdown toilets including disabled toilet + 1 urinal and numerous bushes – includes toilet paper. You could also wash in one of our two

Camping: includes a field & space for marquee(s)

Workshop Space: Large round shelter in woods; greenwoodwork shelter; dining room; polytunnel

Internet: Four computers available

Things to do: Swimming, crafts, volleyball, landwork, wood splitting & more.

To suggest a workshop & get involved with organising the gathering please email:

Download the flyer here: Summer Gathering Flyer

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  1. Dawn Davies says:

    Hi we do acoustic music, would love to know more about your place and we support local grass roots events and working with nature. I have a son aged 9 with learning disabilities. but I write songs and work with Wal from darlington. we do music. sounds great. thank you

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