Take back the land zine #1

cover outlined

Take back the land zine 1 (pdf)

Booklet layout for printing

This zine explores the land question in Scotland and particularly the historical context. How did Scotland come to be home to the most concentrated pattern of private land ownership anywhere in the world? Over the past millennium a tiny number of an elite class have stolen and jealously guarded huge tracts of land creating a land monopoly like no other. This has resulted in ecological devastation, environmental abstraction and the impoverishment of huge numbers of people. The land question is the root of our problems, but we need to know how it came about to do something about it.

This zine serves as food for thought: to inspire, enrage and entice those keen to see change over the land. Following the history of land ownership it explores why land matters to us and a few ideas of means to get some of it back. Click the link below to find it. Feel free to print it, pass it on etc.